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Referees Guide 2017

Kingston United SC Referee Guide 

Code of Conduct

All referees associated with KUSC are expected to abide by the KUSC Code of Conduct for Game Officials, which can be downloaded here.

District Information
Your District Referee Coordinator is:  Marguerite Heer
The Game Official Payment Schedule for the 2017 Outdoor Season is being finalized and will be posted as soon as possible. 

Game Assignments and Your KU Referee Assigner

Chris Akol is your referee Assigner for KUSC appointments

If you need to reach Chris to discuss game assignments :      Tel:         Tex:      Email:

KUSC assigns games to our referees using a web based tool called Ref Centre. All new referees are briefed on this tool during their qualification course.   Please refer to the Referees Guide  for more information about Ref Centre and contacts.

If you cannot make your assignment
We need as much lead time as possible (48 hours notice or more if possible). Please email  POINT  CONTACT  . (Ref Assigner)


KUSC will make every attempt to process payments for the previous month by the 5th business day of  July, August and September; we will advise our officials by email when the previous month's payments have been processed. Cheques should be ready no later than two weeks after processing, and we will advise officials by email to inform them when cheques are ready for pick up. We suggest that officials drop by the KUSC offices to pick up their cheques, which will speed up delivery avoiding delay; those cheques that have not been picked up within a week will be mailed to the officials address as registered on RefCentre.

Guidelines for our Recreational Leagues

(important changes in 2016) See LTPD - Game Leaders 
No referees at U8 or U7  

KUSC generally follows the FIFA Laws of the Game, the OSA Differences the 9v9 and 11v11 Games and the OSA Laws of the Small-Sided Game, but there are some exceptions as identified in the following KUSC Rules Summary.

KUSC Recreational Rules Summary 
Every game official must be familiar with the KUSC Recreational Soccer - Laws of the Game Summary (effective 2 June 2015) and have a copy with them when they officiate.

As part of its commitment to support the OSA Long Term Player Development (LTPD), KUSC does not track scores or keep standings for its recreational games. 

There are no longer referees at U8 and U7 age divisions .  The OSA has introduced the Game Leader Role effective summer 2016.  This is a volunteer position and can be filled by parent/ coaches.  Youth referees wishing to volunteer to be a game leader at U6, U7 or U8 age divisions can find more information ....... Click Here

Game Reports  House League
Each team will provide a game sheet to the game official for their respective team. This sheet will include all players, appropriately numbered. If a team is unable to provide a game sheet for that match, play the match, but make a note post-game as to which team did not provide their team sheet.

At the end of the game, indicate any discipline necessary on the game sheet for each team. As referee, you are then responsible for filling out your Game Report on RefCentre (or you will not get paid); you must also submit the game sheets, along with any required Caution Summary, Dismissal Report, Special Incident Report or Referee Assault Form, to the KUSC office within 48 hours of the game's completion. The report should be  mailed or hand delivered to

    KUSC House League Game Reports
    35 Terry Fox Drive
    Kingston, ON
    K7M 8N4

    Attn: Referee Dept.

Referees must ensure that coaches confirm the identity of players who have been cautioned or sent off. It is unfortunately not possible to enter discipline reports for KUSC House Leagues using RefCentre. Therefore, we must insist that you submit a Caution Summary, Dismissal Report, Special Incident Report or Referee Assault Form, as appropriate, no later than 24 hours following the game kick-off time (we would appreciate if you could submit them even earlier).

All forms are available on the OSA Website. All reports are to be submitted by email to the KUSC  Business Administrator   who will forward to  Director of Discipline. If you are unable to scan and email the forms, please send Estelle  a quick email with the details and submit (or drop off) your reports to:

Suite #201
35 Terry Fox Dr.
Kingston ON  K7M 8N4

Guidelines for Competitive Leagues
Referees should refer to the ERSL and SOSA League websites for details about competitive league competitions.