Kingston United Soccer Club takes the issue of safety and severe weather very seriously. Please refer to the following link with regards to severe weather. The CSA policy on Lightning safety includes additional recommendations from Environment Canada.

Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy


Weather and Extreme Heat - Avoiding fluid loss from the body or dehydration in extreme heat when participating in sports is critical. Educating athletes, coaches and officials is key to identifying and preventing these injuries from occurring.   Parents need to ensure they provide their child with water.  


The City and Field / Closures
When severe weather can cause damage to natural fields the City and School Boards will close fields and issue a closure statement. Generally statements issued by the city are around 1:00 pm and  KUSC makes every effort to post closure notice on the KUSC web site at that time as soon as we are notified. Club members can follow KUSC on Twitter where weather updates will be tweeted in the event of field closures. If time permits we will will try to email by bulk to teams playing on same night.