Forms & Applications

Application To Coach Competitive Teams in 2015
Deadline to apply is August 18, 2014
cc email:

Application To Travel (ATF) - within Can & USA
Print and fill in this form for any tournament you plan on attending that falls outside the boundaries of Southeast Ontario Soccer Association (SOSA).

Playing Up Permit -  ERSL web site
This form is required for any ERSL game where you are calling up a player from a competitive team in a lower age category, or if you are calling up a player from the house league. Note - you will need signatures of player's "home" team coach, a club representative, and coach of team calling player up. The Player will require an up to date Player Registration Book.

Temporary Registration Permit
Any player registered with the O.S.A. or another Provincial Association affiliated to the C.S.A. is eligible to obtain a "TEMPORARY REGISTRATION PERMIT", which shall entitle the player to play for a Club Team of a Club other than the one with which he/she is registered. For example, if you are going to a tournament, and wanted to take a Clippers team keeper with you. Fill in this form, and have it signed by a Club Representative and the SOSA administrator.

Information about Insurance and Injury reporting (claims)

Please review the document associated to this link with regards to FAQ  about insurance for members.  The document provides a summary of the overall OSA insurance program.   Of particular interest:
Explains how to apply and submit a claim
Explains who is covered
Explains how to apply for certificate of insurance when using facilities
Injury Reporting Form for KUSC

Injury Report Form
OSA FAQ document  - Summary of coverage and process
OSA Information about submitting a Claim (deadlines and process for parents)